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Transform your business with custom software to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Take full advantage of our more than 12 years of hands-on experience in enterprise application development.

GrenDevHub combines extensive knowledge of custom software development with confident business analysis skills to provide clients with a complete solution for digital transformation of business of any size.

Enterprise software development services

Start your journey of digital transformation now. Our team of enterprise software developers has extensive experience, technical expertise and an out-of-the-box approach to designing, implementing and supporting projects of any complexity.

We design and develop enterprise applications, tools and solutions that meet the highest standards of data security and enable companies to significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of critical business flows. Built with scalability and the highest user-friendliness in mind, our applications help customers stay productive during periods of growth and adaptation to an ever-changing business environment.

A corporate mobile application helps optimize workflow and significantly reduce the company’s operating costs. There are three types of corporate applications depending on the category of users:

  • Employee-level apps to communicate with each other, keep up with updates or set tasks for colleagues.
  • Department-level apps help specific teams: marketing, design, or customer service.
  • Company-level apps which connect all company employees and can work as a repository for data and documents.

We help our customers easily integrate core business tools into their existing landscape, while maintaining business continuity and ensuring fast and secure data exchange. We develop functional APIs and data connectors, and use modern business integration platforms to create comprehensive data flows that can easily be adjusted and improved in response to additional integrations or modifications

We thoroughly analyze existing business processes to identify performance bottlenecks and propose the best way to solve them through full automation or partial optimization. At the most basic level, we help our clients replace Excel spreadsheets and clearly outdated paper forms with modern and more secure web and cloud-based applications that dramatically reduce processing delays and minimize the potential for human error.

When custom enterprise software development is beneficial

“We tried it and it didn’t suit us,” — this is the request most corporate clients make to us. Development of custom business software solutions is always a real alternative to choosing a ready-made product. To avoid later spending considerable funds on fundamental tuning of an out-of-the-box solution and long-term adaptation to a specific business domain, you should consider creating custom software for your processes’ architecture.

Reducing software complexity

Custom software will include only the features you really need.

Fully customized

The flexibility of a custom solution to the specifics of your business and helps you scale more easily as your company grows and diversifies.

Streamlined operations

Specialized software is built to provide end-to-end coverage of your business processes and all of your enterprise counterparties, allowing you to get the most out of your core business.

Providing a competitive edge

Custom enterprise software improves productivity and reduces waste giving you a competitive edge.

Broad technology stack

We care about the business results and choose most modern technologies to provide fast and effective enterprise development services.

Django, Flask, Aio, Twisted, Celery

React, Redux, JavaScript, Typescript, Sentry, Socket.io

Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Flutter

PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka

Discover our projects

Take a look at some examples of enterprise applications we’ve delivered to our corporate clients over the years.