Intelligent Diagnostic System

Intelligent Diagnostic System

Intelligent system of remote preliminary diagnostics – in obstetrician-obstetrician stations, primary health care centers, outpatient clinics, as well as directly at the patient’s home.

Core team: 1 PM, 1 QA, 2 Android developer, 1 Python developer.

Technologies: Java, Android SDK, Firebase, SDK for medical bluetooth devices, Python, Django, Django REST Framework, JS, jQuery, HTML5, PostgreSQL, Celery.



To build a complex toolset system that will allow carrying out a remote initial diagnostic procedure of a patient in the rural health services posts, ambulatory centres, and directly at his/her home.


Advising the urgent care client

Video conferencing option simplifies the consulting among the healthcare providers and allows to provide the qualified primary care services in the rural areas.

Smart connectivity

Using Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks, a patient’s diagnostic data could be entered in a personal electronic health record, transferred into any medical information system or the centralized archive of medical data.

Remote patient health monitoring

The measurements of vital signs recorded in the system allow monitoring a patient’s current condition or during the rehabilitation remotely.

Integration with EHR & MIS

The platform can easily become part of a medical information system by transmitting data to EHR.

Diagnostic procedures performance

The system proceeds different procedures to help to determine a diagnosis. For instance, blood pressure measurement, ECG, blood sugar level measurement, urine tests, peak expiratory flow measurement, pulse oximetry, body temperature measurement, etc.

AI for doctor’s decision

Help in treatment decisions based on diagnostic data and built-in AI for medical decision-making

Delivered results

We reached the main objective of the project and put our efforts to advance the level of health care services in rural areas. The cloud-based software gathers the working diagnosis data from a portable medical station in one place that is accessible to various health care professionals. The internet connection in the system allows to transfer any medical information, access a patient’s EHR, perform video conferencing among the health personnel involved in the treatment process.