Loungeron app

Loungeron app

An application for recording beach occupancy that allows you to mark which sunbeds are occupied, free or unavailable. It can be used to control the number of visitors to the beach, offering to occupy the loungers at a safe distance.

Core team: 2 UX/UI designer, 1 BA, 1 PM, 2 Python/Django developers, 1 Front-end developer, 1 Android developer

Technologies: Django, JS, JQuery, Select2, Moment.js, jQuery, amCharts, Bootstrap. Java, Android SDK, Firebase.



To create an application that allows the beach workers to mark which sunbeds are occupied, vacant, or unavailable. This is an e-service for occupancy counting on the beaches, designed specifically for the beach tenants and staff. With it, they can control the number of visitors and manage the flow of people, offering the sunbathers to take sun loungers at a safe distance.


Effective during COVID-19

Loungeron is used to control the distance between the sunbathers during a pandemic, as well as to avoid overcrowding of the beaches.

2 types of the sunbathers

By default, the system has 2 types of the sunbathers: guests (registered in the hotel or complex) and visitors (all other vacationers).

Beach schedule

The system includes the open and closed days, as well as setting of the schedule of the beach.

Different options for objects

You can set up your own beach areas and place various objects on the beach map: 1 sun lounger without an umbrella; 1, 2 or 4 sunbeds with an umbrella; a beach bungalow.

Beach map

Before starting work in the service, you need to create your own map of the beach. Place the objects (sunbeds, umbrellas, bungalows) in rows and columns and specify their number.

Reports and statistics

The dashboard shows the number of occupied and vacant seats in real time. It is convenient to view reports and analyze the occupancy in terms of days.

Delivered results

We developed a web and mobile application Loungeron, which allows you to count accurately the number of people who came to the beach, to place the groups of sunbathers in order, according to the beach map. It helps to prevent queues for sunbeds, as well as collect transparent statistics of attendance and occupancy of the beach. Thanks to Loungeron, the beach manager can monitor the occupancy remotely online, and track at any time: how many occupied, free or unavailable sunbeds on the beach now; how many people visit the beach every day or at a chosen time; which sunbeds are reserved, vacant or broken, and in which row they are placed.