Stylist app

Stylist app

web-based stylist application for automatic fashion image selection and digital collage creation, as well as a mobile application for the client with an interactive gamified questionnaire.

Core team: 1 iOS developer, 1 BA, 1 PM, 1 Python/Django developers, 1 Front-end developer, 1 UX/UI designer

Technologies: Python, ReactJS, PostgreSQL. Swift, Google Firebase, Facebook SDK.



Develop a service for selecting fashion looks based on customer surveys in the luxury segment. The questionnaire should collect the most complete information about the client: photo, age, figure parameters, preferences by brand and style. Based on this data and the store’s assortment, stylists select individual sets of clothes, shoes, and accessories.


Push notifications

For convenient use, a user can translate all the presented information in English or his/her first language. The localization feature includes 3+ languages.

Interactive questionnaire

Each user can book an appointment to a specific doctor online without registration on the website. The visit confirmation is performed by a phone number.

Convenient app

After booking an appointment and visiting the doctor, each patient can rate the level of the provided services (out of 5 stars) and write a short review.

Single electronic customer base

The information obtained through the survey gets into the unified electronic customer database, helps analyze customer behavior and form appropriate offers.

All-in-one solution

A complete set of stylist tools to create sets of clothes without the need to use additional services: built-in reference books on styles, collections, sizes and brands, digital collages constructor.

Integration with the online store

The developed API allows stylists to receive lists of product units that match the specified parameters and price.

Delivered results

We have analyzed business processes in fashion retail and identified opportunities for solving the customer’s performance goals. We have created the concept of a system for interaction between a client, a stylist, and a store manager. The system includes: web-interface for the stylist, which provides to receive requests for look creation, quickly select the necessary goods from the catalog, as well as make a digital collage with no third-party graphics programs; mobile iOS app for the client with an interactive gamified questionnaire, according to results the сlient receives from the stylist a selection of individual clothing sets with the possibility of further purchase.