Thermostat Control System

Thermostat Control System

An application for remote control of all Terneo WI-FI thermostats via website or mobile app.

Core team: 1 PM, 1 Python developer, 1 iOS/Android dev, 1 JavaScript developer

Technologies: Java, Android SDK, Firebase, Swift, UIKit, CoreAnimation, Foundation, Alamofire, Kingfisher. Python, Django, Twisted, ReactJS, TypeScript, HTML5.


To develop a cloud solution for home automation. It should provide the remote management and tuning of Terneo heating systems. Allow access to the app features regardless of a user’s far distance from heating devices.


Wi-Fi thermostats management

A single app allows managing remotely all Terneo thermostats that regulate heat appliances at home (electric floor heating, convection heater, radiators, etc.).

Intuitive interface

All the devices connected to the app labeled with different colors. A device in an energy-efficient mode is marked as green, and it becomes yellow and orange in a heating mode.

Heating charts

The app displays the dynamics of heating activity per day, week, month, or year. A user can optimize the heating schedule analyzing the data from the past periods.

Heating schedule

A user can schedule a heating turn on and turn off on the appointed time and days. Terneo heating systems will maintain the set temperature for a scheduled duration.

Heating conditions setup

A user can add up to 16 heating scenarios for a specific location per day depending on a preferable temperature at a certain time of day and night.

Delivered results

Our team developed a unified IoT ecosystem for Terneo devices management. We made the heating system control entirely remote and user-friendly. Wi-Fi Internet connection provides quick access to the settings of all thermostats listed in a user account. Setting a smart home became a lot convenient since the management system access is provided both via a website and mobile app (Android, iOS). All the data is gathered, processed, and stored securely in the cloud.